WP e-commerce is a great shop plugin for WordPress. It’s very powerful and can also be customized with loads of plugins.

The WordPress plugin „styled PDF invoice“  allows you to generate an invoice PDF document and send it per email to your customers.

The look of the invoice as well as the email can be fully customized like a normal WordPress page. Just select the according placeholders from your editor toolbar.

If you are familiar with CSS you can also customize the stylesheet of your invoice from the wordpress backend without any changes to the the plugin or any core-files.

It’s really simple and really powerful.




  • Edit invoice layout in your WordPress editor.
  • Insert images into the PDF-document with WordPress‘ standard upload dialog.
  • Integrates placeholders for billing, shipping and products data to the WordPress editor toolbar.
  • Select the field shown in the products table as well as their labels.
  • Write your own email subject and text even with HTML and WordPress editor.
  • Style your invoice with CSS.
  • Choose paper format a4 or letter.
  • Custom file name for documents.
  • Send it instead of or additional to the „order pending“ mail.
  • English and German translation (.mo and .po files)


Important notice

This plugin has been merged with many other features into one bundle called „wp e-commerce shop styling“

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29 thoughts on “WP e-commerce styled PDF invoice”

  1. Hi Hannes,
    one question before I buy the plugin: Is it possible to add additional form flields from the wp-e-cpmmerce checkout to the invoice. e.g. the customers VAT number?
    br, Marc

    1. Hi Marc,
      you can use any field you create on the „Checkout“ tab in your wp-ecommerce settings as a placeholder ind your invoice.
      It will even appear in the Editor toolbar.

      1. Hmm… it will not appear in the Editor toolbar. Hannes, I have added four additional fields in the Default Checkout Forms, and there are any in the Editor’s placeholder choice box. How to use these fields in invoices?

        1. Hi Andrzej,
          If found a compatibility problem with the current wpsc version, I’ll send you the updated plugin per email.
          Thank you for finding this bug 😉

      2. I have translated the plugin. If you want, I may give you a Polish file. But, how to change fonts used in PDF files? I need some Central European codes and fonts to print all these: ąęśćżłóńź. What do you think about it? 🙂

  2. Hi Hannes,

    A quick question before purchase: I need to provide my accountant with copies of invoices sent to customers. Does this plugin enable the saving of customer invoices, so I can print them off in bulk at the end of every month, to give to my accountant?

    many thanks,


    1. Hi Rob,
      > You can view your invoices on the “Sales Log Details” page and
      > they are all saved in a folder inside the plugin directory you can access via FTP and
      > the shop Admin receives a copy of each invoice mail for his accounting
      I hope one of these three possibilities fits your needs.

  3. Hi Hannes

    Another question for you before I buy…my clients site is set up for manual payments where users can choose a shipping method (additional checkout fields) but no prices are stated. The client wants the ability to have a generated invoice system like you are offering but wants to add the shipping cost onto this invoice himself then send it…is this possible.


  4. Hi Jeremy,
    this is not possible with this styled-pdf-invoice because the plugin uses WPSCs own sum functions. So the plugin supports all discounts, coupons and sum features, but as soon as the order is submitted these functions do not return any values any more.
    You could use the nice configuration pages of my plugin, but have to change the hook where it is triggered and some of the computations.
    If you want me to write a plugin for this specific use case, please tell me a few more details, so I can tell you the price.
    best regards, Hannes

  5. Dear Hannes,

    I bought yesterday the plugin Styled PDF Invoice. I downloaded both version but just the 1.0.1 works (I have the latest version of WordPress 3.4.2 and the latest of Wp e-commerce). When I try to install the 1.0.3, it says „Plugin install failed“.

    With the invoices, I have many problems:

    1 – I changed the logo for my own, but it doesn’t appear on the pdf version.
    2 – The product table doesnt work. On the pdf version, it just shows : „{#productstable#}“
    3 – All the placehorlders such as {wpsc_cart_total_widget} or {wpsc_cart_tax} don’t show up or refer to wrong values.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. Hello Hannes,

    I just purchased your plugin. Looking good but I have exact the same issues as Manolis. The install process is okay but the three points are the same.

    1 – I changed the logo for my own, but it doesn’t appear on the pdf version.
    2 – The product table doesnt work. On the pdf version, it just shows : “{#productstable#}”
    3 – All the placehorlders such as {wpsc_cart_total_widget} or {wpsc_cart_tax} don’t show up or refer to wrong values.

    and extra

    4- I can not change the css properly

    wp version 3.4.2
    wp e commerce version
    wp e commerce styled pdf invoice version 1.0.31

    Did you solve the problem from Manolis already?

    Kind regards.

    1. Hello Tony,
      We found one single solution for so many problems:
      Check your PHP configuration for the allow_url_fopen setting. It has to be enabled. If this setting is disabled please contact your hosting provider, or use the absolute server path (/var/www/…) instead of the image url (http://…).
      You can set the absolute path in the html view of the template, but you wont see the image in the wysiwyg editor later, but only in pdf.

      1. Hi Hannes,

        Thanks for your answer. I checked the php settings and our host has allow_url_fopen set for local on and master on. I guess the solution was especially meant for the place holders. The image is not the biggest problem. Not having a Price Sum is a bigger problem. Is there an other setting I could try?

        Kind regards

        1. Hi Hannes,

          I think I know what went wrong with the image and the placeholders output. I tested the plugin on old orders. When I make a nem test order, these points are showing correct. Except for one point, CSS styling. This is what I changed from your default settings.

          body, td, th {
          font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
          font-size: 10px;

          But the letter type is still times new roman in the invoice . Is there something I do wrong here too?

          Kind regards.

          1. Hi Tony,
            I’ll try to help in a few days. At the moment the only hint I can give you is to google for dompdf and font-family…
            The plugin uses the current stable version

  7. Hello Hannes,

    Thank you for your answers. I go sort things out with your hints. Your plugin works, that matters, thanks for that. The way you can work with it is great and the interface is very understandable. A test button would be nice gesture but will be very minor issue.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards

  8. Hello Hannes,

    At this moment I’m looking in the /dompdf/include/ folder in my plugin folder and I’m looking around for the simplepie.cls.php file. This file is a call from dompdf_config.inc.php on line 208. I’ve got a php fatal error line in my error log from this.
    Also a deprecated line from /wp-e-commerce-styled-pdf-invoice/includes/dompdf/lib/class.pdf.php on line 4672 and line 4677. the Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated.

    Is it possible that the simplepie.cls.php is somewhere else located or can I get a correct version from somewhere?

    Is it a good idea to comment out the set_magic_quotes_runtime()?

    wp version 3.4.2
    wp e commerce version
    wp e commerce styled pdf invoice version 1.0.31

    I was looking in the error logs because of the long delays of delivering the invoice emails to our customers.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hello Tony,
      The messages you describe are part of dompdf. I just include this great library but I can’t give you any support for it.
      At the moment I’m working on a new plugin, with more features:
      – pdf invoice
      – html mail template for all wordpress mails
      – custom html mails from WP E-Commerce with placeholders like the invoices in wp-e-commerce-styled-pdf-invoice
      But at the moment there is no chance to disable any of these features, so you have to use all of them.
      If you’re interested you’ll receive the current version later today. Maybe it solved your problems.

  9. Hello Hannes,

    First of all thanks for this nice plugin. But I was wondering if it is possible to show the invoice is already paid or not?
    Also a weird thing that i’m trying to fix; when your plugin is enabled it breaks my manual payment method(cant find the page after hitting my ‚order‘ button). I can pay however with iDEAL but when it goes back to the transaction.php page it only shows my sites header and background.
    Maybe you have an idea what is going on?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Douwe,
      This is not possible at the moment, but I like the idea!
      I could add a textfield to enter sth. like „invoice paid“ and place it on the invoice with a placeholder (only if it’s actually paid).

      What do you think about this solution?

      The problem with your manual payment page sounds strange to me, because I developed the plugin for a shop with manual payment and paypal…
      Maybe we can solve the issue with another plugin. In a few days I’ll release a new plugin with more features: https://etzelstorfer.com/wp-e-commerce-shop-styling/
      I’ll send you a copy tomorrow.
      Regards, Hannes

      1. Sounds like a nice solution, is that hard to do?

        Wasn’t able to fix the problem yet, when only having the manual payment method I still get this error: HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
        If you could send a copy of that plugin would be really nice, hopefully it will fix the problem! Else I’ll try a fresh install of wordpress.

        Im using wordpress 3.4.2. and WPEC, but the problem was also in the previous version of WPEC, updated yesterday.

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