WordPress Plugin for WP-e-commerce 3.8

„WP E-Commerce Role Discount“ creates a WordPress role for premium customers. You can manually create users and associate them to this role or change the role of registered customers to „Premium User“.

On the product dialog you’ll see a Meta Box to define a price for premium customers for each product.

define premium user price


Your customers will see the normal price and the premium price. This plugin uses the formatting for special prices, so you don’t have to change your theme.

price output

The Plugin requires NO configuration


Available in English and German language.


new in Version 1.1

In version 1.1 there is a new feature to auto apply a coupons for premium customers, so you can apply discounts on all products at once or enable free shipping for your premium customers.



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34 thoughts on “WP E-Commerce Role Discount”

  1. Hi There,

    I use your WP E-Commerce Role Discount plugin and setup the premium customer coupon, but when the customer goes checkout, I do not see the coupon has been applied to any of the products. What do I do wrong?


  2. Hi Coby,
    there are at least two possible reasons for this problem:
    – Is the customer logged in and assigned to the role „Premium Customer“?
    – Did you change the coupon name?
    br, hannes

    1. Yes, I have created a test customer with Premium role.
      I did not change the coupon name and it is „premium-discount-xxxxxx“. If I enter this code manually will work.

      1. ok it works now! for some reason I had to customize it for your shop.
        In the next version I’ll include these changes, so you can still update the plugin whenever you want.

  3. Hi there
    Just installed the role discount plugin and get this message appear just under the admin bar at the top of the page:
    Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‚HaetRoleDiscount::removeAdminBar‘ was given in /web/htdocs/www.artycraftycreations.com/home/wordpress/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 403
    Any ideas on this one please?
    Many thanks

    1. Sorry – forgot to mention that I had logged in using my ‚jolly‘ Premium Customer ID to see what appeared under the merchandise listings. This warning did not appear when I logged in as Admin.

      1. Hi Janys,
        I can’t reproduce the error message on my test systems. Maybe it’s a conflict with an other plugin on your system.
        Is it possible for you to send me your admin credentials to hannes(at)haet(dot)at so I can take a look?
        br, Hannes

      1. Hi Hieu Le, sorry there is no solution yet, because I couldn’t see the error. I need access to a system where the error appears. Is it possible for you to give me access to your store?

          1. Thanks for access to your system, it really helps to see the error with my own eyes.
            I fixed the problem and released the changes in a new version 1.2.2 of the plugin and installed on your system.
            Now it woks like a charm.

  4. Hi
    Been looking for this kind of add-on to WP eC, but have one question: Do you only support 1 extra customer type – Premium customer? We have 2 types of premium customers and they get different discount. Can this be done?

    1. Hi, this feature doesn’t exist at the moment, but I’ll take it as a feature request, I hope to find some time to implement this in the next weeks.

  5. Hi,

    I like the role discount.
    If this plugin can merge with „WP e-commerce “ ’s product section under „Variation“, that will be great.



  6. Hey sorry just want to seek for help – we’re using wp-ecommerce for our client’s ecommerce site and we’ve tried several times but can’t seem to enable the autofilling in the checkout form, even we’ve set „anyone can register as SUBSCRIBERS“ and „users must register before checking out“, the autofilling just won’t happen. Appreciate your help.

    1. Hey Jason, are you talking about autofilling of the coupons code for premium customers or is your question not related to the role-discount plugin?

  7. Hi there, i’m using this great plugin and it works perfectly, thanks for sharing it!
    I’m thinking to aply a percent discount (or a fixed calue discount) to all products for Premium Customer, i thinking to update directly the DB.
    Is it a good idea?

      1. Hi Hannes,
        Thanks for the quick reply.
        Yes, if I edit the premium customers coupons that’s works great, but that is only aplied in the checkout.
        What i really want is a discount price directly in each product while de premium costumer is visiting the site and not only applied in the checkout.
        Is it possible? I think working directly in the db is not a good idea, don’t you think?

        1. Ok I understand what you want to do, but working in the database is not easy in this situation because the values aren’t stored in separate table columns but in meta data arrays.

  8. hallo
    suddenly my membership with role premium cannot access
    with notif You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    when i change to role subcriber ,member can log normally

    1. Hi Danny,
      Could you please try to replace line 18 of …/includes/class-haetrolediscount.php by the following line and tell me about the result.
      add_role(‚haet_rolediscount_premium_customer‘, __(‚Premium Customer‘,’haetrolediscount‘),array( ‚read‘ => true ));
      best regards,

  9. First off…thanks for this plugin. I love it!
    My question: Is there any way for me to show both the regular price AND the premium customer price, even to regular customers? I want the regular customers to see how much money they’ll be saving by signing up to become a premium customer. Any help’d be appreciated.

  10. I love yojr plugin but i cannot see the meta box on product page after i activate the plugin. But the premium customer rle was installed.

  11. Hi

    is there any way to integrate this plug in into woo commerce theme? Namely, I’d like to use it to add some rules for my customers/subscribers but I couldn’t make it running in woo commerce. It is installed well but cannot see how to set the rules with the products.

    Many thanks
    Dax, New Zealand

  12. i have a question:

    i need show the price just for logged users.
    i try putting „0“ in the normal price, an the discount price in the premium customer, but it don’t worked because the system just take the lower price… you can help me??

    1. Hi,
      You don’t need this plugin, just edit your template:
      Find the price output and wrap it in
      < ?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { ... } ?>

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