WP E-Commerce currency helper

NOTICE: This plugin was based on Google’s currency API which isn’t supported any more. If someone has ideas for a new free API don’t bother to contact me.

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WordPress Plugin for WP-e-commerce 3.8

“WP E-Commerce currency helper” is a simple plugin for wp e-commerce.

It shows a bubble tooltip on every price field in your store using Googles Conversion API.


  • get users home country and currency by the IP address
  • user can change the conversion currency and the changes will be saved in a cookie
  • conversion rates are always up to date using google conversion API
  • base currency is taken from your shop settings or can be defined manually
  • The plugin can check all currencies with the Google Conversion API and blacklist missing entries
  • Bubble popup can be customized with themes
  • available in German, English and Spanish language (thanks to Maria Ramos WebHostingHub for the Spanish translation)
  • The plugin can be used for ALL wordpress shops, as long as you can find a wrapper css class to identify price fields with jQuery.
  • It’s free

28 thoughts on “WP E-Commerce currency helper”

  1. Hi,

    I just added this plugin wanting to try it out and I am just wondering what to put in the “jquery selector” I have no knowledge of script. I have been search for hours and all i find is script language.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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