WP E-Commerce Shop Styling


WP e-commerce shop styling

WP e-commerce is a great shop plugin for WordPress. It’s very powerful and can also be customized with loads of plugins.

WP ecommerce Shop Styling has many great improvements for your wp ecommerce store in one bundle:

  • customized HTML mail templates for all wordpress mails
  • customized mail content and formatting for all wpsc mails
  • personalization of mails and transaction results
  • edit the products table and use it in mails invoices and transaction results
  • auto generated PDF invoice
  • custom transaction result pages for different transaction states
WPSC already works great and with this plugin it will look even better and more professional.

HTML Mails

First part of the plugin is the transformation of all wordpress and wp ecommerce mail to HTML mails. The content of your mails doesn’t change, but they look much better.

You can add your company logo, a custom header and footer or any additional informations for your customers in the HTML template.

html mail template for wp ecommerce

You can find some HTML mail templates here.


custom email content

Another great improvement is the customization of all emails sent by wpsc. You can write personalized messages to your customers using values from the checkout form, add some payment informations and a custom products table with download links for your digital articles.

email content

The following mails can be customized:

  • payment successful
  • order pending: payment required
  • payment failed
  • track and trace



Your emails as well as the transaction results consist of many dynamic parameters. To keep it as simple and flexible as possible you can select all of these parameters from the editor menu.

When the mail, page or pdf invoice is submitted to the customer, the placholders are replaced by the actual content.

Currently supported placeholders are:

  • Products table (find more information on this topic below)
  • Payment instructions
  • date
  • shipping base price
  • invoice number
  • total shipping
  • total products price
  • total tax
  • discount
  • total price
  • tracking id
  • all values from the checkout form:
    customer name (billing and shipping)
    address, city, state, country, postal code  (billing and shipping)
    phone, email
    and any field you add to the checkout form yourself…


products table

You can use a products table in all your mails, your transaction results pages and your pdf invoice. You decide what you list in the table and where.

customize headers and fields of the products table

customize headers and fields of the products table


printable PDF invoice

You can generate and deliver your invoices as PDF documents automatically as an email attachment and of course you can use placeholders and the products table again.

  • Edit invoice layout in your WordPress editor.
  • Insert images into the PDF-document with WordPress’ standard upload dialog.
  • Style your invoice with CSS.
  • Choose paper format a4 or letter.
  • Custom file name for documents.

invoice template



Transaction results page

Like emails and invoices you can also customize the transaction results page according to the order state.



WPEC Shop Styling is available already available in

  • English
  • German
  • Italian (by Luca)
  • Hungarian (by Endre),
  • French (by Benjamin Duriez)

I hope to add even more languages so please contact me if you can add another one. You’ll receive a free upgrade serials for your contribution.


Translated Templates

Of course it’s easy to create your own invoice, mail and transaction results content, but if you need some assistance you can download several templates in English, French and Hungarian here
NOTICE: This plugin has moved to it’s own website. Go to wpshopstyling.com to find more informations.

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